Cycling the Aqueduct Trail, Falls Creek

About 60km from Bright is Falls Creek. Ideal for an easy, flat walk or cycle at Falls Creek is the Aqueduct Trail. It is 4.8km return trip, flanks the Resort’s aqueducts and passes by the top of the village. I parked near the tennis courts at the village bowl, then took the access track by the Eagle Chair line for about 50m until you come to the Aqueduct Trail. It leads to the Wishing Well on one side and to Rocky Valley Lake in the other direction. There are two or three roads to cross on the track. An ideal stop for a break is at the lake, where we had  a picnic before heading back.

It was an ideal track to cycle with my 6 year old son, Josh. There are some steep edges on some sides so you do want to make sure they’re competent at staying on the track and braking! The only negative is that it is a drive that makes my son feel a bit carsick! It was great that he was tired after the cycle and fell asleep on the way home. It was such a hot day in Bright that it was nice to go somewhere slightly cooler on this day too. It was a great introductory ride to do in that location and I’m keen to do more.

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