A Home with a View

So my husband, Justin and I have owned this block of land for some time in Bright. After visiting the area a few times we fell in love with Bright. After seeing a block of land too good to refuse, we bought it which set the wheels in motion for our move.

We then sold our Melbourne home and started on plans for building our our new home. We are definitely eager for the build to start.

Over the past two days, baby steps have commenced. Yeh! A (sick) tree was chopped down, giving us some firewood in preparation for winter. We now have a use for the truck that we now own (much to my husbands delight) because we live here! And we had some basic surveying done for excavation to start next week; I never thought I’d be so pleased to see some sticks in the ground!

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7 thoughts on “A Home with a View”

  1. hello guys! just testing your comments page!! great site. Impressed.
    look forward to seeing the progress
    me, Ads, Ruby and George x

    1. Hi, Thanks. Glad you like it. There’s also a subscription option if you want posts direct to email, but otherwise just check out the site as you did.

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