A little bit of frame!

It’s about time to post about the build…or actually post fullstop. It’s been a busy and fun couple of weeks with the house build, working, visitors and mountain biking with the family.

Excavation took longer than expected and the scope of it was definitely surprising! The land is on quite a slope, so rather than battering we have put in LOTS of retaining wall, which we’ll eventually ‘soften’ the look of with plants. We may even adjust and fine-tune it later. This is to maximise the flat land area in the backyard, where we will play and plant in the too distant future!

We’ve done a lot in a short time. There’s been a few setbacks because of weather and material but the sooner we get to lock-up stage the better before winter sets in. I cannot tire of the view!

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6 thoughts on “A little bit of frame!”

  1. Oh Tanya & Justin & Josh it’s looking just great thanks for sharing your dream house can hardly wait to see more of the progress here’s hoping the weather doesn’t hold things up and you can get to lockup quickly

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