Cycling the Aqueduct Trail, Falls Creek

About 60km from Bright is Falls Creek. Ideal for an easy, flat walk or cycle at Falls Creek is the Aqueduct Trail. It is 4.8km return trip, flanks the Resort’s aqueducts and passes by the top of the village. I parked near the tennis courts at the village bowl, then took the access track by the Eagle Chair line for about 50m until you come to the Aqueduct Trail. It leads to the Wishing Well on one side and to Rocky Valley Lake in the other direction. There are two or three roads to cross on the track. An ideal stop for a break is at the lake, where we had  a picnic before heading back.

It was an ideal track to cycle with my 6 year old son, Josh. There are some steep edges on some sides so you do want to make sure they’re competent at staying on the track and braking! The only negative is that it is a drive that makes my son feel a bit carsick! It was great that he was tired after the cycle and fell asleep on the way home. It was such a hot day in Bright that it was nice to go somewhere slightly cooler on this day too. It was a great introductory ride to do in that location and I’m keen to do more.

A Home with a View

So my husband, Justin and I have owned this block of land for some time in Bright. After visiting the area a few times we fell in love with Bright. After seeing a block of land too good to refuse, we bought it which set the wheels in motion for our move.

We then sold our Melbourne home and started on plans for building our our new home. We are definitely eager for the build to start.

Over the past two days, baby steps have commenced. Yeh! A (sick) tree was chopped down, giving us some firewood in preparation for winter. We now have a use for the truck that we now own (much to my husbands delight) because we live here! And we had some basic surveying done for excavation to start next week; I never thought I’d be so pleased to see some sticks in the ground!

Swimming at Ladies Bath Falls, Mt Buffalo National Park

Ladies Bath Falls
Ladies Bath Falls

On such a hot day, one swimming spot worth going to is Ladies Bath Falls in Mount Buffalo National Park.

It is a ten minute drive from the Porepunkah roundabout up Mt Buffalo Road, on the left side. Just after Eurobin Creek with a picnic area you will come to the parking area for Eurobin Falls Track. Ladies Bath Falls is a 400m walk from the parking area and the first stop on the Eurobin Falls Track.

It is a beautiful location and has clear cold water, making it incredibly refreshing! To get to the swimming spot does involve some walking over rocks. This was a must-see spot for me; I wanted to get there soon after moving to Bright before summer ends. It did not disappoint. I’m sure I’ll be back many times.

Moving time

Josh ready for his first day at school
Josh ready for his first day at school

Our arrival to Bright was in January 2016, two days before my son started his first year (called ‘Prep’ in this state) at school. Needless to say it was a bit frantic. We were in Melbourne before and the drive takes about 3.5hrs. We sold our Melbourne house early last year in 2015 and now own a block of land in Bright where we’ll be building our home, hopefully only over the next year;)

My son’s local school is fantastic, the people are so friendly and welcoming. A lovely community to be a part of. I’m very proud of my son, Josh who got the award for Student of the Week, for being friendly and a good listener.

I thought after having only lived in cities, a move to a regional Victoria would take some adjusting, but so far every morning I’m happy to wake up here. No regrets so far!